16th July 2024 
There are lots of careers advisors around. Why should I use you?

I agree. Unfortunately, few have the knowledge, skills or experience to deliver the individual and high-quality guidance that as a client you will expect. You can read a selection of comments from my clients on the "Feedback" page. I do not have any negative feedback.

As well as running a private careers consultancy practice, I work as National Head of Careers Service at BPP University. I lead a team of 23 staff who provide careers guidance, advice and information services to students at different UK centres on accountancy, business, finance, law, management, marketing, nursing and psychology degree, postgraduate and apprenticeship programmes. I am also an English language teacher and life coach.

I work during the week. Can you see me during the evenings or at weekends?

Yes. I can arrange a time and location to meet that is convenient for you.

I live outside London. Can you still help?

Please email me your situation. If it means me travelling a long distance to see you then it is probably best if I put you in contact with someone nearer to your home.

What's the best way to contact you?

Please email or telephone me - refer to the top left-hand corner of the screen for the information you need.