21st May 2024 
These are some examples of feedback I have received:

"Happy to recommend you to help with UCAS, personal statement writing and careers advice."
(Parent, South Hampstead High School)

"I will absolutely recommend your services to anyone similarly overwhelmed, like us!"
(Parents, Skinners School, Royal Tunbridge Wells)

"This CV looks so much better for graduate applications than what we started out with ... many and sincere thanks for your help."
(Parent, Beaconsfield High School)

"Lots of useful detail. Very helpful and practical Action Plan. Many thanks David. Very useful advice and you went the extra mile for us. We would recommend you to a friend without hesitation." (Parent of GCSE student, The Latymer Grammar School, Edmonton)

"Many thanks for coming to see xxxx and I last week, he found it really useful and I really value your help in getting xxxx to start thinking properly about what he might want to do and what that means for him in terms of aims over the next few years. Thanks for the offer to keep in touch from time to time to seek your guidance, it is much appreciated."
(Parent of GCSE student, Claires Court School, Maidenhead)

"The psychometric profiling was an enormously useful exercise. xxx has really benefitted from the feedback. We have learned a thing or two too!" (Parents of A level student, Richard Challoner School, New Malden)

"This is great and so helpful. Many thanks ... we will let others know of your services!" (Parent, A level student, Graveney School)

"You may think that you did nothing special and that it's all part of your job but your kind help and consideration has had a huge impact on my future." (A level student, St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College, Ladbroke Grove)

"You helped me with my UCAS and gave me good advice and helped me make the right choices." (A level student, St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College, Ladbroke Grove)

"Very grateful for your guidance, comments and support." (A level student, Harris Academy, London)

"Just wanted to say thank-you for all the help and advice you gave me this year. Also I have found the resources you gave me very useful as well as the tips for boosting my UCAS form." (A level student)

"Thank-you very much for helping me throughout this process of applying to uni." (A level student, Jewish Free School, Kenton)

"Thank-you very much again for your help, for the notes and for the suggested action points." (Oxford University graduate)

"Very helpful for me in giving some structure and direction in my job search." (University of Manchester graduate)

"David's approach is great, rather than just telling you what to do he asks you your opinion which helps you understand better." (Queen Mary College, University of London student)

"A brilliant CV surgery session." (King's College, University of London student)

"Constructive advice. Really beneficial." (University of Hertfordshire graduate)

"Thank you so much for your help, it’s all been very useful." (University of Nottingham graduate)

"Many thanks again for your support - it's given me some really good insights to follow up on." (Adult client)

"Thank-you for all your support, I cannot say how much I appreciate it. The 'post interview summary' is fantastic ... I think it was overall a very positive meeting." (Adult client)

""Thankyou so much for the in-depth and practical response. It has been very helpful indeed. My new improved CV looks fabulous. Neat, clean and smart!" (Adult client)

"I was offered the job I interviewed for on Friday, a Trainee Project Manager position at a large kitchen installation and engineering company ... a great stepping stone for my future." (Adult client)

"I've just accepted a position at a small advertising and marketing startup focussed on crowdfunding. It brings together many of my skills and interests in a way that I don't think many positions could. Anyway, it was a long time ago now but you have me the confidence to apply for the MBA which I thoroughly enjoyed ... I thought it appropriate to drop you a note and say thanks." (Adult client)

"Thankyou for all you help with my CV and personal statement. It helped me to get onto the graduate scheme. You definitely know about CVs, statement writing and career counselling!" (Intern at Citigroup)

"I would like to thank you for your help and for improving greatly both my CV and Personal Statement. I deeply appreciate it." (ING internship applicant, East London Business Alliance)

"I found your services extremely useful and I am very grateful for your help." (EaGLES internship applicant, East London Business Alliance)

"I'd like to say I found your services incredibly helpful, and I am very grateful for all your suggestions! Thank you very much." (EaGLES internship applicant, East London Business Alliance)

"Very useful information with clear understanding. David opened my eyes to critical detail and important pieces of information."(ING internship applicant, East London Business Alliance)

"Thankyou very much for helping me in my application - your advice was very useful and will definitely help me in my future applications."(ING internship applicant, East London Business Alliance)

"Your involvement in my ING application has made a huge improvement on my CV and statement."(ING internship applicant, East London Business Alliance)

"Very useful support and helpful advice." (EaGLES internship applicant, East London Business Alliance)

"An inspiring and informative presentation on putting together a great CV and practical advice on how to prepare for an interview." (NW2 Network)

"Thankyou for making such an impact here. It seemed like you were one of us." (Headteacher, Preston Manor School, Wembley)

" With much appreciation, David, for the very significant contribution you have made to the quality of careers/He guidance and support." (Principal, St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College, Ladbroke Grove)

"Sincere thanks for all the work you've done and all the improvements you've made. We stand in much better shape now in terms of progression because of your efforts." (Vice Principal, St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College, Ladbroke Grove)

"A strong lead in Careers/UCAS. Outstanding careers guidance and support." (Head of Information, Advice & Guidance, Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College)

"Thoroughly positive and enthusiastic, a real hit." (Head of Careers, Uppingham School)

"It has been a real pleasure to work with one so professional, dedicated and conscientious." (Excellence in Cities Co-ordinator, St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College, Ladbroke Grove)

"The sterling quality and volume of work you personally accomplished made the difference when the company needed it." (Managing Director, Capital Careers)

"David has considerable initiative and excellent communication skills, both with individuals and in group situations. His report writing is clear and incisive. I recommend him wholeheartedly." (Guidance Services Manager, Thames Valley University London)

"Feedback from pupils has always been positive and we are well aware that many have felt that they have benefited particularly from the one to one interviews they have had with you." (Headmaster, Vyners School, Ickenham)

"I am very grateful for your contribution to the work of the Careers Service and have been impressed by your commitment and willingness to take on extra duties." (Principal Careers Officer, London Borough of Hillingdon)

"David has a reliable, trustworthy and stable personality. He has an easy manner, is willing to listen to people and empathise with their needs, and combines these talents with a straight-forward and open attitude. He also possesses the kind of enthusiasm that sees things through to their finish." (Chairman, Intake Hostels Ltd)